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Fish paste
According to the recipe of the chief of the kitchen
35 kn
Dalmatian prosciutto
Prosciutto biologico, olive marinate e nocciole
58 kn
Beef carpaccio
Beef file, grain padano, capari, lemon
87 kn
Fish carpaccio
File of noble fish, citrus emulsion
78 kn
Octopus salad
Octopus in Dalmatian style with vegetables and homemade vinegar
78 kn

A hot kiss

Traditional tomato soup
Tomatoes, vegetables, pancetta chips
25 kn
Cream soup with cognac
Meat chicken, cognac, cream
40 kn
Beef soup
Traditional soup recipe with celestine panacakes
25 kn
Fisherman soup
According to the recipe of the chief of the kitchen
35 kn

Homemade barbecue

* All dishes are home-made with fries, onions and apricots and the pie is exclusively
charcoal *

Cevapcici65 kn
Meat (picante)75 kn
Hamburger60 kn
Stuffed Hamburger65 kn
Chicken in gorgonzola88 kn
Marinated pork ribs in barbecue sauce
120 kn
Chicken fillet70 kn
Filled chicken75 kn
Meat plate for one person
Čevapčići, chicken fillets, steak,
marinated pork neck, meat poultry
90 kn
Meat plate Coccolo for 2 persons
Čevapčići, chicken fillets, steak,
marinated pork neck, meat poultry
190 kn


Sauce to green pepper
30 kn
Fresh mushroom sauce30 kn
Cheese of 4 types of cheeses30 kn
Walnut demi glace25 kn
Truffle sauce35 kn

Sea wealth

* We make a daily choice of fish according to your wishes on a grilled or cooked course,
and if desired, we will prepare an oven for approximately 45 minutes of preparation. *

First class fish
380kn / 1kg kn70 kn
Fish of the second class240kn / 1kg kn
Fish on slices400kn / 1kg kn
Grilled scampi340kn / 1kg kn
Grilled calamari280kn / 1kg kn
Grilled tuna 300g
Tuna, blitva on the Dalmatian way
130 kn
Pea pods with truffles
Grilled, black truffle, gnocchi
95 kn
Clams200 kn
Mussels130 kn
Venus180 kn
Lobster820 kn

A side dish

Homemade potatoes
20 kn
Mangel Dalmatian way35 kn
Grilled vegetables45 kn
Homemade gnocchi on butter22 kn
Rice on butter and white wine18 kn
Cooked potatoes18 kn
Bannock8 kn

Vinegar and honey

* We work according to your wishes from organic growing vegetables, homemade cabbage, virgin olive oil with lots of love *

Seasonal salads
25 kn

Children’s menu

* Serves children between 0 and 14 years *

Spaghetti in red sauce
45 kn
Spaghetti with cheese and mushrooms40 kn
Grilled chicken with franch fries55 kn
Steak pieces with franch fries80 kn


We work deserts on a daily basis and depending on the season
35 kn
Pancakes with mermelade25 kn
Pancakes with nutella30 kn
Pancakes with walnuts35 kn
Pancakes with ice cream and hot cherries
Ice cream, hot forest fruit
40 kn
Selection of cheeses, homemade jams, honey, nuts120 kn
Ice cream scoop10 kn

Little appetite

Caprese salad
Mozzarella di bufala, selection of tomatoes and basil
55 kn
Baked pieces of domestic fillet on the back of the handkerchief, potatoes, tomatoes, wheat flour
90 kn
Greek salad
Tomato, pepper, cucumber, cappuccino, olives,
feta cheese, olive oil
55 kn
Chicken salad
Selection of salads and vegetables with
roasted chicken meat and branches
75 kn


Black risotto
Cuttlefish, vegetables, wine
78 kn
Shrimp risotto in champagne
Shrimp meat, young flask, sparkling wine
78 kn


* All the pastes are hand made manually *

Pasta with prosciutto and Istrian truffles
78 kn
Pasta with shrimps and black Istrian truffles82 kn
Pasta with meat ragu ala Bolognese
Traditional recipe with the finest
pieces of beef cooked in black wine
70 kn
Pasta with shrimps and zucchin78 kn
Gnoochi with prosciutto, chives and truffles80 kn
Grandma Ana´s gnoochi
Rustic salsa with dried tomatoes, basil and
sheep cheese
70 kn
Gnoochi with meat ragu ala Bolognese
Traditional recipe with
the finest pieces of beef cooked in black wine
70 kn
Gnoochi with shrimps and salmon in a sauce saucepan
Shrimps meat, salmon, poppy cream, cheese grain dropped
78 kn
Dalmatian pasta with gnocchi
Prepared in the traditional Dalmatian way with
the finest pieces juniper frikandoa, vegetables
78 kn
Domestic Korcula pasta with chicken and zucchini and marinated tomatoes78 kn
Homemade Korcula pasta with beefsteak and fresh mushrooms90 kn

Selection of meat just for the brave

* Selection of meat is the best choice of meat from pastures all over the world from Ireland, South America and even to far Japan. The selective selection of black anguilla,lobster and lambs, we want to offer you the best meat of the farmer of controlled origin.All kinds of meat are prepared exclusively on a charcoal charcoal grill. We advise you to contact our staff how you would like the roast meat. Rose, medium or wholly roasted.Good only for your Coccolo team. *

Irish Steak 250g
150 kn
Irish Steak 300g190 kn
Irish striploin steak 300g180 kn
Argentine ribeye steak 300g195 kn
Argentine Premium Steak 250g260 kn
Argentine striploin steak 300g220 kn
Trapunte in cremagliera all'agnello
Six pieces of specially cut lamb chops without fat, marinated in olive oil with rosemary and thyme served with home-made potatoes
220 kn
T-bone steak / 650 g280 kn
US Creekstone Tomahawk steak 1kg / for two
Dry for at least 28 days, served seasonally salad, grilled vegetables and homemade potatoes, Argentine-inspired piece of meat
600 kn
Irish Tomahawk steak 1250g / for two
Dry for at least 28 days, served seasonally salad, grilled vegetables and homemade potatoes
600 kn
Tomahawk Simental steak +-1kg
Dry for at least 21 days, alpine cultivation / for two
320 kn
Beef 150g Japanese wagyu beef fat grades 3/5
One of the most appreciated beech pieces in the world. Cows of known species
Japanese Black Cattle are grown in the province of Gunma, in the families that are
on farms take care of the limited number of cows to give each of them attention
from special diet to massage. Each cow has its own passport with details of
cultivation. This top-of-the-range meat is completely permeated with the fat that
gives it a soft texture that is easily melted in the mouth, and an exceptional taste.
750 kn


Veal (roasted potato)
115 kn / portion
Lamb (roasted potato)110 kn / portion
Chicken (roasted potato)90 kn / portion
Octopus (roasted potato)110 kn / portion
Mixed (roasted potato)110 kn / portion


Pizza Margarita
Tomatoes, cheese
43 kn86 kn
Pizza Vesuviana
Tomatoes, cheese, ham
43 kn86 kn
Pizza Funghi
Tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms
43 kn86 kn
Miješana pizza
Tomatoes, cheese, ham, mushrooms
48 kn96 kn
Pizza Quattro fromaggio
Tomatoes, edam, cottage cheese, gorgonzola, parmesan
48 kn96 kn
Pizza Vegetariana
Tomatoes, Cheese, vegetables
48 kn96 kn
Pizza Al tono
Tomatoes, cheese,tuna, onion
48 kn96 kn
Pizza kozice
Tomatoes, cheese, scampis
53 kn106 kn
Pizza plodovi mora
Tomatoes, Cheese, seafood
53 kn106 kn
Pizza Coccolo
Tomatoes, Cheese, mushrooms, sweet peppers, smoked ham, cream, olives
53 kn106 kn
Pizza Calzone
Tomatoes, cheese, ham
43 kn86 kn
Pizza Picante
Tomatoes, cheese, ham, bacon, hot peppers
48 kn96 kn
Pizza Salami
Tomatoes, cheese, hard salami
53 kn106 kn
Pizza Ribarska
Tomatoes, cheese, anchovies, capers
53 kn106 kn
Pizza Hawaii
Tomatoes, cheese, ham, pineapple
50 kn100 kn
Bakin pizza
Tomatoes, Cheese, bolonez, onions
50 kn100 kn
Seljačka pizza
Tomatoes, cheese, ham, onions, bacon, egg
53 kn106 kn
Slavonska pizza
Tomatoes, cheese, sausage, peppers
53 kn106 kn
Zelena pizza
Gorgonzola cheese, fresh cheese, olives, spinach
50 kn100 kn
Pizza Garfild
Cheese, ham, bacon, onion, sweet feferon, garlic, mushrooms
55 kn110 kn


Lasagna with meat
70 kn
Lasagna with vegetables65 kn