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Sparkling0,125 L0,75 L
Godiment Brut 12% vol
Dalmatia, Island of Brač, 12% vol.
29 kn160 kn
Trapan Che Brut Rose 12% vol.
Istra, Pula 12% vol.
220 kn
Villa Sandi Prossecco Superiore DOCG 11% vol
Veneto, Italija, 11% vol.
180 kn

White Wine

~ Soft & Chrispy ~0,125 L0,75 L
Debit Bibich 12,5% vol
Dalmatia, Plastovo, 12,5% vol.
Light, summer wine. Fruit aromas of apple, dune, and some herbal notes.
Full of flavor, yet light and smooth
180 kn
Sauvignon blanc Mežnarić 12,5% vol.
Croatian Uplands, Varaždin, 12,5% vol.
Enhanced by a mineral character and freshness of crisp acidity. Intense and full fruity aromas elderberry, melon and gooseberry are intertwined with herbal aromas of peppers, asparagus and lemongrass
160 kn
Graševina Galić 12,5% vol
Croatian Danube , Kutjevo, 12,5% vol.
Attractive and gentle fruity aromas of pineapples, green apples and vineyard peaches, as well as spicy aromas of camomile and dry hay build a characteristic bouquet of Kutjevo winegrowing area terroir
180 kn
~ Round & Smooth ~0,125 L0,75 L
Malvazija Cossetto 13% vol.
Istria, Kaštelir, 13% vol.
Fresh, complex and delicate, it starts with the fragrance of white flowers and unfolds into scents of the white vineyard peach. Mineral-rich, fresh, but also warm, round and salty.
30 kn170 kn
Pošip Nerica 13% vol
Dalmatia, Island of Korčula, 13% vol.
Authentic embodiment of variety, which emphasized the purity and authenticity of wine.
Spicy juiciness, freshness balanced acid and bitter aftertaste, with complex minerality and maturity
37 kn210 kn
Chardonnay Galić 13,5 % vol
Croatian Danube, Kutjevo, 13,5 % vol.
Full and opulent, but at the same time soft on the palate. Subtle fruity aromas of Armenian plums and peaches permeate complexity of its markedly opulent scent composed by fresh bread crust, butter and hazelnut aromas intertwined with subtle
vanilla and caramel character.
210 kn
~ Rich, Creamy & Complex ~0,125 L0,75 L
Pošip Stina 13,5% alc
Wine region Dalmatia, Island of Brač, 13,5% alc.
Fresh fuit, citrus with lime and mineral character, full-bodied, and even agile and brisk.
It is strong wine with acidity, also abundant in sea salt and fruit to finish.
230 kn
Uroboros Trapan – Istria, Pula, 13% vol
Istria, Pula, 13% vol.
A wonderful aroma of toasted almonds on butter, which cross over to the deciduouscamomile-floral notes with a mature freshness of yellow-green fruit. Complex and fruity.
The wine lasts and lasts, and in the end remains the mineral-salty touch on the lips
230 kn
Grk Bire 13,5% vol
Dalmatia, Island of Brač, 13,5% vol.
Grk is a very rare and special indigenous Dalmatian variety, known for its fine bitterness
but also freshness. Unlike wine originating from the red sand, this one is from a rocky
vineyards which results with fresh mineral notes and salinity. This wine contains all the
best virtues of the Mediterranean and is one of the best examples of Dalmatia.
260 kn


Rosé0,125 L0,75 L
Rosy Mežnarić 12% vol.
Croatian Uplands, Plešivica, 12% vol.
Gorgeous pale pink color with soft and shiny reflections. This crisp and precise wintage, has a lovely mineral freshness with delicate aromas of citrus, red fruits and white flowers.
29 kn160 kn
Rosé Galić 12,5% alc
Wine region Craotian Danube, Kutjevo, 12,5% alc.
Vibrant freshness, playfulness and pronounced fruit fragrances. Wild strawberries and raspberries entwined with fresh summer apples. Simple and attractive
190 kn

Red Wine

~ Fruty & Elegant ~0,125 L0,75 L
Bogondon Stina 13% alc
Wine region Dalmatia, Island of Brač, 13% alc.
Plavac, Merlot, Cabarnet Sauvignon, Syrah. Elegant red wine emphasized, memorable
and lasting scent. Medium body and pleasant fullness.
29 kn180 kn
Smerlot Meneghetti 13% vol
Istria Buje, 13% vol.
Lively red ruby color with purple refections. At the beginning, the aroma of raspberry comes out, while after short opening comes out notes of other berries. In the mouth the
wine is dry and soft, very balanced with fine and slightly pronounced tannins.
34 kn190 kn
Griserva R6 Bibich 14% vol
Dalmatia, Plastovo, 14% vol.
Blend made exclusively of autochthonous Babić, Plavina and Lasina varieties in the same ratio of 12 months in new American barrels. The nose is dominated by discrete flavors of cherry, tobacco and surprising freshness.
200 kn

~ Full bodied ~0,125 L0,75 L
Revolution Cuvee Trapan 13% vol
Istria, Pula, 13% vol.
Teranic freshness, florality and youth, complemented with a serious extractivity and
tannicity from Cabernet Sauvignon, leaning on the fruitiness and pepper from Syrah, finishes with Merlot fruity softness.
210 kn
Syrah Korlat 13,5% vol
Dalmatia, Stankovci, 13,5% vol.
Long-term maceration and aging 12 to 18 months in new barrels of French oak. Aromas
filled with spices, green pepper, spicy mint, sage, dark berries, with fine ripe, rounded tannins.
210 kn
Stina Plavac bq 14% vol
Dalmatia, island of Brač, 14% vol.
Plenty of red and black fruits, generous but refined tannins, lush and well-arranged with
the influence of wood, obtained during maturation, represents an excellent example of
this variety
210 kn
~ Rich, Intense & Complex ~0,125 L0,75 L
Sangreal Siraz Bibich 14,5% vol.
Dalmatia, Plastovo, 14,5% vol.
From vineyards in field near Zadar with vines aged over 40 years, produced by the
classic method, long maceration and aging 12 to 18 months in new barriques of French
oak. Flavored aromas, green pepper, peppermint, sage, dark berry fruit, with finely
matured, rounded tannins
240 kn
Pharos Maximvs 16% vol
Dalmatia, island Hvar, 16% vol.
Intense and corpulent wine, aged twenty-four months in oak barrels. It is characterized
by its dark ruby color, it develops fruity aromas on the palate and leaves an intense yet
unobtrusive taste of the island of Hvar
330 kn
Bas de bas Bibich 15,5 % vol
Dalmatia, Plastovo, 15,5 % vol.
Wine produced from our best position Bas de Bas (below the floor) with 3 ha, mainly
of sort syrah with some merlot. Supplied in French oak barrels for 24 months. Exceptionally
complex & unique. Produced exclusively for lovers of natural high-quality wines.
650 kn