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Cold appetizers

Cream fish Pâté
Chef recipe
40 kn
Dalmatian Prosciutto
Organic prosciutto , marinated olives and home-grown spring onion
95 kn
Selection of cheese
Homemade jams, honey, nuts
95 kn
Beef carpaccio
Rested beef steak, Grana Padano cheese, capers, lemon emulsion
105 kn
Rustic octopus salad
Dalmatian style octopus with vegetables and homemade vinegar
110 kn
American Beef Tartar
Tartar of beef steak - American style, baked bread and butter
110 kn
Cherry tomatoes, pesto genovese, olive oil
87 kn
Tagliata di Manzo
Roasted tenderloin bites on a bed of arugula, capers, tomatoes, Grana Padano cheese
110 kn


Traditional tomato soup
Tomatoes, vegetables, pancetta crisps
35 kn
Cream soup of prawns with cognac
Prawns, cognac
45 kn
Beef Broth
Traditional recipe with panacake noodles
35 kn
Fisherman's soup
Chief recipe
40 kn

Homemade Barbecue

* All dishes are served with homemade fries, onions and ajvar (roasted red pepper and eggplant spread), and grilled exclusively on charcoal. *

Leskovac platter for 2 persons
Stuffed pork tenderloin, chicken sticks in sesame, pancetta-wrapped chicken skewers, pancetta-wrapped ćevap, four pieces of ćevapi, four pieces of savory meatballs
260 kn
Coccolo Meat Platter, for 1 person
Ćevap, chicken fillets, smoked bacon, marinated pork neck, meatballs
* possible to order for more persons
120 kn
Stuffed Pork Tenderloin110 kn
Stuffed Chicken110 kn
Gourmet Hamburger110 kn
Hamburger90 kn
Savory meatballs105 kn
Ćevapi ( Grilled minced meat rolls )90 kn
Pancetta-Wrapped Ćevapi95 kn
Chicken Fillet88 kn
Chicken in Gorgonzola105 kn
Veal french rack230 kn
Coccolo burger
100% baby beef, lettuce, onion jam, smoked sauce, BBQ sauce, pickled cucumber, tomatoes + side dish French fries and breaded onions
115 kn
Coccolo cheeseburger
100% baby beef, melted cheedar cheese, lettuce, onion jam, smoked sauce, BBQ sauce, pickled cucumber, tomatoes + side dish French fries and breaded onions
120 kn
Gold Coccolo cheeseburger - 24-Karat Gold
100% baby beef, melted cheedar cheese, lettuce, onion jam, smoked sauce, BBQ sauce, pickled cucumber, tomatoes + side dish French fries and breaded onions
250 kn


Green Pepper Sauce
45 kn
Fresh Mushroom Sauce40 kn
Four Cheese Souce35 kn

Fish meals

* We make daily choices of fish – grilled, cooked or al forno – according to your wish (cca 45 minutes of preparation) *

1st Class Fish640 kn / kg
2st Class Fish350 kn / kg
Grilled Scampi640 kn / kg
Grilled Calamari420 kn / kg

Side dishes

Mediterranean young potatoes
Cherry tomatoes, marinated garlic, rosemary, olive
35 kn
Pommes Fries
30 kn
Dalmatian Style Chard40 kn
Cold marinated Grilled Vegetables45 kn
Onion rings38 kn
Rice on Butter and White Wine35 kn
Boiled Potatoes30 kn
Mustard, tartar, butter
10 kn
20 kn
Bread7 kn
Traditional sauce made from milk, creamy and soft texture
20 kn
Traditional sauce made from Leskovac
20 kn


Deserts are made on daily basis depend on seasonal offer of ingerdients


Caprese salad
Buffalo Mozzarella, selection of tomatoes with basil
75 kn
Greek Salad
Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, olives, Feta cheese, olive oil
75 kn
Chicken Salad
Selection of salads and other vegetables with roasted chicken meat and Grana Padano cheese
85 kn
Šop Salad
Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, Feta cheese
55 kn
Mixed salad
Seasonal vegetables
30 kn
35 kn


Black Risotto
Cuttlefish, vegetable, wine
115 kn
Champagne Risotto with Prawns
Prawns, young zucchini, sparkling wine
110 kn


* All pasta and gnocchi are homemade *

Pasta with Ragu alla Bolognese
Traditional recipe, with the finest pieces of beef cooked in red wine
85 kn
Prawns and Salmon Gnocchi in Pernod Sauce
Prawns, salmon, Pernod, cream, Grana Padano cheese
115 kn
Dalmatian Pašticada with Gnocchi
Finest pieces of beef fricandeau in rich, thick, sweet & sour veggie and prosecco sauce made in traditional Dalmatian way
110 kn
Homemade Korčula Macaroni with Beefsteak and Fresh Mushrooms120 kn

Steak Selection

* “Meat selection” is the selection of the best cattle meat from the pastures all around the world (from Ireland to South America and all the way to Japan). With carefully selected Black Angus and Kobe beef as well as lamb, we want to offer you the best meat of a controlled origin from world famous breeders. All sorts of meat are prepared exclusively on charcoal grill. Feel free to tell our staff what kind of steak you prefer – rare, medium or well-done. Then just relax and enjoy yourself and your meal!
Your Coccolo team! *

Irish Steak 250g
230 kn
Irish Steak 300g270 kn
T-bone Steak / 550 g300 kn
Argentine Ribeye Steak 300g280 kn
Argentine Premium Steak 250g350 kn
Argentine Striploin Steak 300g290 kn
Irish Tomahawk Steak 1kg, for 2 persons
Dry-aged and matured for at least 28 days, served with French fries
520 kn
Frenched Lamb Rib Racks
Specially cut lamb chops without fat, marinated in olive oil with rosemary and thyme, and served with homegrown potatoess
250 kn
Argentine Tomahawk Steak 1kg / for two persons
700 kn
Japanese Wagyu Beef, fat grades 3/5, 250g
One of the most prized beef in the world. Cattle of the famous breed, Japanese Black Cattle, are raised and cared for in small Gunma Prefecture family farms in limited numbers so that each cow can be given proper attention, from special diet to massage. Each also has its own passport with breeding details. This top-of-the-range meat is entirely intertwined with the layers of fat that provides for a soft texture. It gets melted in your mouth leaving an exceptional taste.
1350 kn


* Currently we cannot serve pizza in the restaurant.
Pizzas are only available for delivery (take away).

Pizza Margherita
Tomato, cheese
65 kn
Pizza Vesuviana
Tomato, cheese, ham
65 kn
Pizza Funghi
Tomato, cheese, mushrooms
65 kn
Mixed pizza
Tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms
70 kn
Pizza Quattro Formaggi
Tomato, Edam cheese, cottage cheese, Gorgonzola, Parmesan
70 kn
Pizza Vegetariana
Tomato, Cheese, vegetables
70 kn
Pizza al Tonno
Tomato, cheese,tuna, onion
70 kn
Prawn Pizza
Tomato, cheese, prawns
75 kn
Coccolo Pizza
Tomato, cheese, mushrooms, sweet peppers, prosciutto, cream, olives
75 kn
Pizza Calzone
Tomato, cheese, ham
65 kn
Pizza Picante
Tomato, cheese, ham, bacon, hot peppers
70 kn
Salami Pizza
Tomato, cheese, winter salami
75 kn
Country Style Pizza
Tomato, cheese, ham, onions, bacon, egg
75 kn
Slavonian Pizza
Tomato, cheese, Slavonian kulen (smoked and air-dried flavored pork sausage), peppers
75 kn
Garfield Pizza
Cheese, ham, bacon, onion, sweet peppers, garlic, mushrooms
80 kn
Pizza Hawaii
Tomato, cheese, ham, pineapple
90 kn
Pizza Mortadella
Pesto genovese, pesto pistaccio, mozzarella,
mortadella, olive oil, basil
85 kn