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Our restaurant Coccolo in Trogir is known for its brunches such as goulash, tripe, and shakes, but we have recently introduced a golden Coccolo experience so that all those who want a special experience can taste steaks dressed in 24-carat gold leaf.

Golden Steak – coccolo restaurant Miro Kukanjac

Our chef and manager at the Coccolo restaurant say it all started last year with a call from a British agency that works with wealthy clients.

“I was stunned when they asked us to serve them food in gold and sign a secret agreement that we will not reveal who visited us. They chose Coccolo because we have premium Argentine steaks that are served in only three restaurants in the world: in New York, Dubai, and here. I managed to get gold, but not any. Edible gold must have a special certificate “, reveals Roko and adds that the mysterious guest was one of the richest people in the world, who came in the company of bodyguards.
According to the chef, Argentine meat is “sickly good” because it melts like butter in the mouth, which was confirmed by chef Pero Savanović, who said that only Tatar is softer than Argentine steak.

“When guests come from Trogir on a yacht and ask which is the best meat restaurant, they are told that they must visit Coccolo. You don’t come to us for the sea view because the restaurant looks at the car wash, but at the top steaks, as well as brunches. Every day we have eight to ten types of brunches as well as we do and there is no leaving for the next day.

In addition to the Argentine premium, we also have wagyu as well as a tomahawk. We are aware that each product has its own customer, and guests come to us for an exclusive experience. Whether you want to make a deal or impress your wife with gold is a good idea. After all, if in Asia people eat insects and snakes for a new experience, why do those who want it and have the money come to the golden steak. After all, we are a tourist country “, says Roko and adds that it is not a small thing to work with gold.

It took him five minutes to coat his first steak with gold, but now he is “dressed” in a minute and a half while the meat rests after roasting. And this with special silicone tweezers and squirrel and camel hair brushes for which the leaves do not stick. While working with gold there is no laughing, ventilation, or drafts. During this time, no one is allowed to pass so that thin pieces do not scatter around the kitchen.

“Gold has no smell, and its taste is slightly metallic. It supposedly helps against wrinkles, speeds up metabolism, rejuvenates, cleanses the liver, and looks great on a plate, “says the chef, adding that the end of the steak is” salted “with golden flakes, just like the mega-popular Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, better known as Salt Bae.

The golden steak has already been tested by some famous Croatians, but the chef does not expect much madness. Considering the prices, this is understandable because the Argentine gold steak of 250 g costs 1,500 kunas, the wagyu costs 3,500 kunas, and the tomahawk for two costs 7,500 kunas.

Coccolo has other meat delicacies from all over the world on the menu, such as the Irish steak and tomahawk that has been aged for 28 days, lamb duck, American aged Creekstone tomahawk, T-bone, Argentine ribeye, and other delicacies.

Chef Roko Puče also points out that he is pleased to have time to learn and try new recipes thanks to the fact that the restaurant has 24 employees all year round, not just in season. He is also proud of the humanitarian work of the restaurant and points out that they were among the first when it came to cooking for the earthquake-stricken Petrinja, and for Christmas, they organized an action for children with Down syndrome.


Miroslav Kukanjac